Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Old School?

I have to be honest and say that when I say "Old School", I'm not talking about classic tools and hand cut dovetails, I'm referring to the remnants of my entry into woodworking, the chop saw, the bisquit joiner, the circular saw and the nail gun. All of these old stand by's made it out of the basement and into the chair shop this week to help me build a few crates. I must admit, they are old pals and it was just like old times, after all, what am I going to do, whittle a crate?

As I was plowing through the bisquit joints and sucking dust, I glanced over at the chair that I am crating and caught this view of the light bouncing off the back of the crest and catching the cherry just right.

Of course, protecting this "fine" work is the point of the crate, but the guilty pleasure of knocking something together has taken a life of it's own. I'll show a bit about the crates in the next posting. Later, I'll return to the "hanger principle" to show the jig that I'm designing to help me set the rear posts just so, but until I get these crates out of the shop, I don't have room to do much of anything!

By the way, if anyone has a good idea on a reliable and less expensive (than UPS) way to ship 2 chairs to Hawaii, please don't be shy!

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Anonymous said...

Pete - Robert from Stow Oh - another shipping method which I have used when working with my customers out of town is to contact your airline of choice and actually buy a seat for the furniture you are shipping to the customers destination. Not sure what UPS charged but I think you will see savings.