Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back to the Arctic

Here's the Chair Notes covergirl and chicken defender soaking up the sun during our brief visit to Florida this week. We went to see my grandfather on his 94th birthday. We had a great time, warming our bones and missing a huge storm in New York.

So now I'm shoveling the path to the workshop and burning the woodstove to get the chilled building back in business. This is turning out to be a very active year with lots of students in the shop and lots of traveling. If anyone is interested, my openings for students in the shop are full until the fall, and I recommend that you contact me as early as possible to reserve dates. These things tend to come in waves.

This week should see the completion of at least four projects that I have in the works. I'm sure that I'm not alone in having multiple unfinished pieces kicking around, but I'm committed to clearing the deck this week. And with a little sun on my face, I think I might just get there.


greg said...

Well I'm glad you missed that storm! My shop is out there in the stable portion of the carriage shed, and the black locust firewood doesn't seem to have the ju ju to heat it. I put the finish on my last two chairs in the kitchen, and I have to report that the smell of turpentine is nothing my wife appreciates. I'm afraid I'm holed up until the weather breaks, what- two, three months from now? Augh!

Paul Jason said...

Glad you are home safe. Hope to see you at Highland Hardware.

Peter Galbert said...

I'm happy to be home. Even palm trees and 80 degrees can't keep me from missing the shop!