Monday, December 22, 2008

Reaming in the Legs

Here is a video of the reaming process. We finally get to see all this unusual geometry add up to a chair. It's important to have faith in the strange numbers and angles. I hope the video helps with this vital and difficult step.
Next I'll be covering measuring the stretchers and carving the seat. Any feedback about the info presented is helpful as I try to fill in the gaps.

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Anonymous said...

Pete - one must appreciate the sharing of the information Thanks. You may want to clarify what hole(s) you where sighting and drilling in the video. I know you mentioned 10 deg(back legs) but when you were first layouting out the lines in showed you at the front on the seat which appeared you were sighting and driling the front leg. Can you please clarify. Knowing your busy schedule, I appreciate all the added work you are doing to inform.