Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Freeloaders

Did you ever get the feeling you were disturbing someone?

Well it finally happened. After months of feeding and caring for my little flock (5), I got eggs! (the green egg is silly putty to fool the ladies) I had started referring to them as "the freeloaders" after a friend told me that it was probably to far into winter for them to start laying (they need 14 hours of daylight). But, with a heat lamp on a timer and a little gentle encouragement (I've been teasing them for being lazy) they have risen to the occasion. The eggs are small (which is normal with early production) but the yolks are a rich yellow, almost like butterscotch. Because they run around all day, even in the snow, eating what they like, it looks like they know best.

It's obvious to me that they were excited to contribute to the Thanksgiving feast (or that they believed my threats of being the main attraction on the table).

I will be posting more on the shop activities soon. I am as busy as ever, but my writing time has been spread between a magazine article and my book with Curtis. I am looking forward to the long weekend (and sneaking off to the shop while everyone else is turkey napping!)

I wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday.


Randy Hagenstein said...

Our little gals (11 Buff Orpingtons) started laying here in Anchorage about 2 weeks ago. We are trying a couple of ducks as well - they make a royal mess splashing water everywhere, which freezes, etc. So the threats to the ducks were growing by the day - which led to the start of their laying just 3 days ago. They may have dodged a bullet (or hatchet) for now.

Regarding chairmaking, I'm a rank novice wannabee. I have combed over your site extensively and found it to be a treasure trove. Thanks.

Randy Hagenstein

Peter Galbert said...

thanks for checking in. I was just about to start showing my hens the crockpot! Maybe they're smarter than we think..then again, nah

Tennessee Windsor said...

I have really enjoyed your blog. What book is this you are writing with Curtis?

Peter Galbert said...

Curtis and I are very slowly getting together a book on chairmaking. We are both pulled in a million directions, but this winter should provide the time to get a good chunk of work done!

Unknown said...

Pancakes and maple syrup and fresh eggs... I think you guys should plan a big breakfast for all your lazy friends!! xo