Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Heading Out

Here are the legs that I prepped for the class that I'll be teaching at Peters Valley this week. I had to rough them out ahead of time so that they'll be ready for reaming on the second day of the 5 day class. The students will spokeshave the finish surface.
As you can see, it was a lot of work!

Here is the stool that the class will be making. I hope Gerry Felix is happy that I finally made a barstool! I am pleased with the result and have enjoyed working with Stacy on the initial student run. As usual, it's the simple pieces that speak beyond my intentions that I seem to enjoy the most.

Thanks for all the great comments and suggestions lately, I apologize for not responding but the hours in the day have been awful tight lately.
After I get back from the Valley, I'll be heading off to the Furniture Society Conference in Purchase, NY. After June, I think I'll stare into space for a couple of weeks!

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Anonymous said...

Pete- staring out into space is not always a bad thing, I have done it quite often during busy times. Ask alot of questions but do not answer yourself. They say when you answer your own question you are in trouble :) Looking forward to the schedule workshop time in October.
Robert from Stow