Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A New Class

Here is another of the chairs that I found while hunting around Cape Cod. I don't spend much time being terribly critical of the design, I figure that it's longevity speaks for it. I was quite taken with the exagerrated hands, they really jump out at you.

Below is my friend Stacy Forte. She has graciously agreed to be my guinea pig as I work out the kinks in the piece that I'll be teaching at Peter's Valley in a couple of weeks. Stacy has been kicking up a storm with her chopsaw all winter and wondering what else you can do with simple tools. My kind of student!

We both have all of our parts and should see them standing soon. I have taken it as an opportunity to try some ideas in leg shaping that I have been batting around for a while. I've learned to be patient with myself when it comes to developing ideas. Even when I know the direction that interests me and the basic goals that I wish to reach, it can take quite a while to pass through the stages necessary to fully realize them.
Now if anyone has a few extra hours in the day that I might borrow, I might just get there.

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