Monday, April 30, 2007

Studio Shots

Here are the studion photos of the new Rodback Rocker in cherry with white oak spindles and a butternut seat. You can see it in person at the Peter Valley Craft Gallery starting Sunday May 6th through June 3rd. I will be at the opening of the show at 3:30 on Sunday May 6th. The show is entitled the Delaware Highland Seven and features 6 other regional craftspeople and artists in various mediums. You can find more information at

Below you can see the studio set up at Dana Dukes studio in Roscoe, New York. Dana is a real asset to the arts community up here. He does a great job bringing out the best in the work that he photographs. As you can see, it isn't just point and shoot. Correct lighting to get a range of information that the camera can read is a real skill. Even though I have a degree in Photography, I rely on Dana's years of studio experience to light the chairs. He is kind enough to take my input on the angles and details that I want. It is important not just to take a mugshot of the piece. Chairs are full of volume and moving around them and viewing them from all angles is vital to finding the ones that have the best balance of information, clarity and gesture. Often, after having the work photographed, I see new things in the piece that spur me on to make new work. No piece is complete until I see it through Dana's lens.

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