Sunday, March 11, 2007

New student, New Chair

This week I'll be working with a new student, Gerry Moss. Gerry has asked me to also make a chair for him so he'll go home with a pair. What you see here is a sackback with a combback crest. I designed the crest last week, it took two versions until I was happy with it. The first was a bit too small, I think that the key to this chair is making the crest on top look integral to the design and not just an add on. As you can see, even though I generally draw new chairs, I will often mock them up to visualize the real deal. Three dimensions always hold big suprises and it's worth working to see it before commiting. I'll post more images of the process as Gerry and I make our way. A special thanx to my pal Rich for letting me use his computer.

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