Ordering a Travisher

I am happy to say that we are still going strong on our travisher production. For the last 2 years, Claire Minihan has been working with me producing and refining these tools. Claire is a graduate of the North Bennet Street School in Boston and has helped take this tool to a whole new level. I am proud to be associated with her work. They are $245 (plus $10 shipping) in walnut and $295 in curly maple. You can order one by emailing me at peter@petergalbertchairmaker.com. For more information on the tool visit this blog post, or watch the videos on my channel at youtube

Here's what folks have to say about the travisher:

"The travisher arrived yesterday and as expected it is great. Straight out of the box I got continuous controlled shavings of .00125" measured with a digital micrometer. I watched the blog on how to use it and it works exactly as you demonstrate.  A real work of art and a joy to use."
Ian Jaques, Victoria Australia

"I got to use your travisher and was thrilled and tickled by its performance.  I continue to find increasing appreciation for what "sharp" is and how to detect it (I'm still working at how to consistently obtain a sharp edge). Your blade was indeed tuned. The blade and sole plate were surprising well aligned.  I found the "cat whiskers" just the right size and shape, present but not in the way.  The beveled front and square back welcomed and complimented my grip.  I was not used to a metal sole plate, but quickly grew to like the way it transferred information from work piece and how it slid.  All told I felt I could be more precise with the cuts I made.  The diameter of arc was great for getting up to a gutter.  The tool definitely has the Galbert aesthetic, well proportioned, functional, integrated, lively and flowing."
Bill Howe, Colorado

The lead time may vary, so please contact me for more info. Thanks for your patience.