Monday, July 2, 2012

The Real Deal

I'm always astounded by the interest and generosity in the woodworking community. Jameel Abraham, the brilliant Oud maker and producer of Benchcrafted Vises and Mag Bloks was kind enough to make my drawings for the "Smarthead" shavehorse into a sketchup PDF. He has offered them to publish, which you'll find below. I finally figured out how to link to a PDF, but if it still doesn't work, please contact me for the plans.

When I shared a shop with a luthier (guitar maker) named Justin Gunn in NYC, there was an old codger who would come into the shop in flipflops, baggie jeans and a string of pearls in place of a shirt. One day, when he saw the Justin playing on my lathe, he chastized him for using dangerous tools. He said Justin should avoid danger because he was an artist, then he turned to me and said, "It's fine for you, compared to him, you're like a fence builder". I think of this every time that I look at Jameels Ouds. I am in awe of these instruments, and yes, I do build a servicable fence.

Here is the Smarthead PDF.
Or if that doesn't work, try this one!
Jameel has some advice in the comments below, good luck!


gtwilkins said...

I couldn't get either link to work using Firefox.

Peter Galbert said...

Bummer! I tried them and they work with Firefox on my computer. Please email me directly and I'll send along the plans,

Sean Hellman said...

Hi, they do not seem to work in Safari on the mac either. Your plans are perfect, I have just got to put legs on mine and it is done. I must say I enjoy using it and it works so well. Making spoons and spatulas as well as a range of other stuff, the instant jaw width adjustment is just what is needed.
Thank you again for coming up and sharing such an elegant solution to an age old problem.

BigT said...

I have a Mac and if you right click on the drawing and then select "Save Link As" and accept the dialog box, it will save the file on your screen. Just click to open and it will be there. You will need latest Adobe Reader. Thanks Peter.

Jameel said...

I uploaded another link for the pdf. This will probably open in a browser window. If you're using Adobe Reader, a toolbar will appear when you move your mouse over the window, click the floppy disk icon to save the pdf.

Bern said...

Two things I love are Pete's brain and blokes who can use a computer better then me.
Thanks BigT and Jameel...and Pete's brain.

Mark H said...

Thanks, Jameel! That really helps us tech-challenged woodworkers--- what a great gift Peter and now you have given us.

Thank you!

Peter Galbert said...

Thanks Guys! I'm very excited for Jameels contribution. Now where was he when I needed an involute curve mapped for the caliper!!!
Please let me know if you have questions or better yet, improvements!

Robert said...

Peter. Thank you so much for your generosity. Your plans could not be more timely because you have solved a puzzle I needed to resolve.
Unfortunately I was not able to download your plans and I will email you directly as you instructed.
Thank you again.
Bobby Slack

Robert Francis said...

How do you keep spam out of your comments? I get tons of it.

Peter Galbert said...

I'm just lucky I guess! I do on occasion get one, but not often,

click here said...
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ziggy said...

Love this design, and thanks a whole lot for providing such great (and free) descriptions, plans, and videos. Fantastic stuff.

I am putting the finished touches on mine right now here in Greg Pennington's shop. Really excited to finally have a good shavehorse in my arsenal.

ThomD said...

That is a great story and as usual so unfair. A principle throughout my life, that sorta started when I was a rock climbing kid back in the 70s, is that people on the outside of whatever, are always seemingly impressed by the stuff that is a nothing, and miss entirely whatever the difficult bit is. Guitars are one of the least woodworky activities there is. Making a great instrument, being able to make the instrument one wants, if anyone can do that, is really something. I make guitars. Whatever surface effect on the guitars the old dude was on about, is the least of it. And in no way more impressive than getting the line in a chair.

sajo said...

just wanna say thanks to you guys for the plans, and for the upload. Plans are still "online". Cheers