Monday, June 18, 2012

"Smarthead" Shavehorse Pt.3

Here is the next installment of the shavehorse videos. Cutting and drilling the rest of the parts is not very tough, but the drilling does require accuracy. In the video, I use a cordless drill, but a drill press does a fine job of it.
I will be posting plans for this project at the end of the series!


littleparker said...

Is there a set of plans available? If not are you going to make a set available? Thanks
Enjoying the videos and looking forward to the entire build.

Peter Galbert said...

Yes, I guess that I forgot to mention that I will be making the plans available on the blog once the series is complete, sorry for the omission!

Richard Law said...

Hey Peter!

I hope you're going to charge for the plans after all this heroic effort!

Peter Galbert said...

Thanks,I'm glad you think they are valuable! But I'm going to post them for free, the last thing I need right now is another business!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pete - Thanks for the taking the time to share this info. Very value added. What a great community (chairmaking) to be part of. Enjoy your day

Robert - Stow OH